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Introduction Of Bacterial Nuclear Disease
Oct 15, 2018

The leaves, fruit, stems and other parts can be infected. Leaf infection begins at the leaf margin, initial water immersion, light green, high humidity, a small amount of white mold, the disease spots are gray-brown, spread faster, causing leaf withered dead; the fruit and fruit stalk infected, began in the fruit handle, and spread to the fruit surface, to the immature fruit like water scalding, the bacterium nucleus exogenous in the fruit, the size 1~5mm; Surrounded by fruit stalk, stem infected by the petiole bases part of the invasion, the disease spots gray white slightly depressed, the late epidermis longitudinal fissure, the edge of water stains, disease spots up to 4/5 of the plant height. In addition to the formation of bacteria on the surface of the stem, peel off the stem, can be found a large number of bacterial nuclei, serious plant dead.

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