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Introduction of Tomato Hollow fruit
Oct 15, 2018

① Promotes the use of fruit-setting hormones in premature, excessive concentrations. The reason of the 

② Joys three or four-layer fruit cavity is mostly due to the rapid development of one or two-layer fruit, and the nutrient produced by photosynthesis cannot meet the development of three or four-layer fruit.It is recommended to change head pruning and strengthen fertilizer management.

③ The empty fruit of upper fruit is mainly caused by nutrient deficiency, which should improve the illumination and strengthen the management of water, fertilizer and temperature. 

④ Used the fruit enlargement agent, but the light is weak, the temperature is low.

The nutritional status of the plant could not meet the need of fruit enlargement. 

⑤ Night temperature is too high, the plant is long, photosynthetic products can not be transported to the fruit smoothly, can cause the fruit cavity.

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