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Determinate Process Tomato Seed

Variety Type: Full season,Paste/Ketchup, Mechanical harvest Maturity: 110 days Vine Type: Large, prostrate, good foliar cover Fruit Description: 90 grams, square shape, red color Soluble Solids: 5.1 Brix Disease Resistance/Tolerance: V, F-1, 2. BSK-0(IR), N, TMV Comments: It has a large prostrate vine with good fruit coverage. Fruit average 90 grams, are very firm and have excellent field storage. It also has resistance to v. F-1. 2. N, BSK-O(IR).TMV
  • Determinate Roma Tomato Seed Ketchup Tomato Variety

    Variety Type: Full season, Paste/Kelchup/ Dice, Mechanical harvest Maturity: 125 days Vine Type: Large vine, prostrate, good leaves cover, stem free Fruit Description: 120 grams, blocky round shape,red Soluble Solids: 4.8 ° -5.10 Brix Disease Resistance /Tolerance: V, F-1, 2,...
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